Oil and Fuel

[heading margin_top=”0″]Flushing Services- Oil and Fuel[/heading] We have the equipment and the know-how to perform on-sight oil flushing and oil reclamation services. Having trouble achieving General Electric’s Turbine Start-up specifications?

After new fabrication or repair of piping and tubing, it is important to flush the lines to remove all foreign debris (welding slag, dirt, metal fines, etc), thereby preventing premature component failure.

Routine Filtration and High Velocity / Hot Oil Flushing Services are an important part of preventive  maintenance for all rotational equipment and systems. The damaging effects of particulate contamination have been well documented with regards to premature component wear and failure. One way to ensure optimal system cleanliness is to perform periodic flushing. By circulating hot oil or a flushing fluid through the piping of a system at a very high flow rate, turbulent flow can be achieved, which dislodges particles that would otherwise cling to the walls during laminar flow. These particles are then removed from the piping as the fluid is circulated through a series of high-efficiency filter elements. We have state-of-the-art High Flow Filtration Equipment and experienced technicians to perform a wide array of filtration and flushing services at your job site.

[one_half][heading margin_top=”2px”]Turbine Lube Oil Flushes[/heading]We have performed numerous Lube Oil Flushes on both gas turbines and steam turbines by General Electric, Siemens-Westinghouse, Toshiba, Alstom, and others. Utilizing our own 2500 GPM Pumping Skids, 120kW heaters, and large filter housings, we are able to quickly and reliably meet or exceed OEM start-up cleanliness specifications of ISO 16/13/10, and our jobs typically take 4 to 7-days or less per turbine.Main feed and return lines vary in size from 2” to 8”, which can all be effectively flushed using our equipment.

[/one_half][one_half_last][heading margin_top=”2px”]Reservoir Circulation / Cleaning Service[/heading]We can provide filtration equipment and manpower to circulate a reservoir (Lube Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Fuel, etc); quickly achieving very low particle counts to meet or exceed a customer’s cleanliness specification. Services include manual wipe-down of the reservoir with lint-free rugs, if desired.[/one_half_last]

[one_half][heading margin_top=”2px”]EHC System Flushes[/heading]Utilizing special filtration systems designed with viton seals specifically for use on phosphateester fluids (like Fyrquel); we regularly perform complete EHC System Flushes at power plants around the country.[/one_half]

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