Reservoir and Bulk Tank Cleaning

After years of use, a layer of sludge will accumulate at the bottom of most oil reservoirs and bulk tanks. In order to obtain optimal performance from filtration equipment, it is sometimes necessary to remove that layer of sludge and internally clean the reservoir. One of the Good Practices for preventive maintenance when high amounts of tank bottom contaminants exist is to go in and manually clean the tank bottom. Also, before installing a fine particulate removal filtration system, it is a good practice to first clean the bottom of the oil or fuel tank reservoir. In addition, most Flush Specifications require a manual reservoir tank clean after all flushing is completed.

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  • We have highly skilled & qualified technicians who care about doing the job right
  • Our qualified and experienced technicians are Confined Space Entry & Rescue Trained & Permitted and MSHA Certified for maximum safety
  • We use wire brushes, shop-vacs, squeegees, and lint-free rags, as required