Calpak has designed from the ground up a thermosiphonic system that addresses the most important issue: the provision of exceptional performance and thereby enhanced financial savings. With our many years of experience we thought outside the box and dared to pioneer. In so doing, we remain committed to safeguarding the traditional values of our products, namely sturdiness and durability because we understand that only by doing so, does it make sense to invest in a solar thermal system. Calpak uses the latest technology, raw materials of the highest quality and the state of the art production capabilities of its new factory.

Mark4 is the first thermosiphonic system with an aluminium support structure for easy installation, superior aesthetics and incomparable durability. Also the collector’s production method is truly innovative. The glass and aluminium base are compressed so as to form a sturdy totality with a prism-like façade. The anodized double walled aluminium profile epitomizes our innovation in offering increased durability and enhanced insulation. Mark 4 is Solar Keymark certified as a whole system.