Bearing Lube Oil Filtration

This was developed to reduce overall operational and maintenance cost associated with contaminated bearings, gear boxes, and other rotational equipment. The end-user is able to purify a system’s lube oil while on-line. This process removes harmful contaminants before they can accumulate and cause problems. Our systems can be designed to filter, lubricate, remove heat, monitor flow, monitor temperature and monitor pressure at the same time to ensure maximum system performance and reliability. They can be equipped to remove particulate and acid in one complete system.

Our Bearing Lubrication and Filtration Systems are recommended for systems that have

  • High frequency of bearing failure.
  • High mechanical wear due to contaminated lube oil.
  • Fluids with high particle counts.


  • High efficiency particulate removal elements: Synthetic – inert & inorganic filter media. Removes particles as small as 1/2 micron after one pass.
  • Optional heat exchanger: Remove excess heat and reduce equipment and oil temperature. Maximize oil life and control oil oxidation.
  • Custom design capability: We custom design our systems to meet the demands of each unique application. Monitor flow, temperature and pressure in one package.
  • Heat removal capability: We can incorporate heat exchangers to help lower oil & overall system temperature.


  • Maximize bearing life
  • Extend oil life
  • Reduce mechanical component wear
  • Reduce downtime
  • Achieve the highest degree of preventive maintenance